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“Nearly three years ago, our son Jake struggled dreadfully with

communication and social skills. He found school difficult and

sometimes frightening, with its busy environment and routine

changes. Since then he has had extensive help via a Social Skills

group and 1-1 sessions. Now, he is a happy outgoing 6 year old

boy with lots of friends. He is happily settled at school and adores

acting, singing, and dancing. His therapy continues, now on a

reduced level, but is still important for his self-esteem as he matures.”


Marion and Steven Silber


“Our daughter Chloe, is 17 and has not attended school for 2 years.

She has been bullied and teased. Because she is a person with

Aspergers Syndrome, it is dicult for Chloe to make immediate

sense of her environment; everyone and everything presents an

overwhelming thread. Her social skills are impaired and being part

of a peer group is too painful for her. Attending a social skills

group, working individually with a specific therapist has given

Chloe feelings of personal control, and she is now making

steps in the right direction.”


Janet and Howard Fisher


“I was first diagnosed with dyspraxia when I was a child, and

received a lot of occupational and speech therapy. However my

big issues still are how to make friends, keeping friendships, and

not interrupting people. Now I am 37 years old and have been

diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. I have benefitted from being

part of a social communication group run by Conquer and Learn. It

makes a positive difference to my life. For the first time I have kept

my job, and am learning to get along with people. I feel more

confident and I feel part of a group.”


Isaac Lewis